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The Bolt Patrol was assembled on Dec 2005 by Jiame Navarrete and Andy Baldassar with the idea of combining the power of the climbing community and the expertise of local guides to replace old bolts and hardware in El Potrero.

Our Goals:

- Find and replace unsafe bolts at El Potrero.

- Compile a current list of routes in need of repair and those we have repaired

Acomplishments:In 2005/06 we compiled a list of 16 routes in need of repair and replaced bolts on 10 routes. We received $40 in cash donations, 25 Fixie hangers, 10 bolts and a rope. Thank you to all who donated their time and resources. Next year we hope to post the names of all donors.

You can help by adding to our list of routes in need of evaluation or repair. After a day of climbing drop by the Posada office and tell us about any sketchy bolts.

- Donate money or hardware to the Patrol.

One stainless steel bolt and hanger costs about $3USD

One stainless steel rap anchor (bolts, hangers, chains) costs about $15USD.

Donate now online via our Paypal account.

Coming soon!

Or, even better, bring your gift to us in person! Stop by the Posada office and make your donation.

On New Years Eve

Pick up a trash bag @ Posada

Go climbing

Pick up trash

Trade trash for raffle ticket @ garbage truck



This will be our 2nd annual clean up. Last New Years’ clean-up was a huge success and fun for all.

Climbing Kids Camp

Starting this January El Potrero Chico Climbing School will have its own camp for selected children from the town of Hidalgo, NL Mexico. There is more information to come as the program starts.

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